Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hindu Muslim Riot Violence in Mumbai Over Assam Communal Violence

11 August Mumbai : Three person were killed and more than dozen people were injured on this Saturday when some Muslim people were protesting against the Assam communal violence riots at Mumbai's (Bombay ) Azad Maidan Ground. Some gropup of Muslim people in Mumbai alleged attacks on Muslims in Assam and Myanmarthat actually turned into violent. More than Hundreds of Maharastra muslim protesters were sporting black badgesin Azad Maidan Ground in southern part of the Mumbai. Sunni Jamaitul Ulma Group and Jamate Raza-e-Mustafa Group supported this agitation. 

Mumbai Police ara claiming that during the demonstrations over Assam attack, the Muslim protesters turned unruly and they were not listening anything. Mumbai Bombay police also saying that the Muslim groups set on fire several cars, bus and other vehicles, including av an of three private news channels. Ten Best local Mumbai Bus service are also set on fire. There is no tension or clash between Hindu and Muslim.

Mumbai Police had to resort to lathi charge and then they had no other option and they had to open fire in the air and tried their best to disperse the violent crowd. The situation in Mumbai is currently under control now as per the IG Law and Order in Mumbai. Maharashtra Home Minister Mr. RR Patil appealed Mumbai people to maintain peace in all parts of the city and asked them not to follow or belive any rumour. 4-5 local train services were also disrupted and the road traffic was also affected due to the unrest in Bombay / Mumbai.

Here are some of the latest pictures / photos /images of Mumbai Communal Violence. Also watch some videos of Bombay / Mumbai Riot after Mumbai Police attacked Muslim Mumbaikar on the month of Ramzaan / Roza:

mumbai violence 11 august 2012
Photo : Mumbai Communai Violence from Azad Hind Maidan
mumbai riot police attack
Picture : Muslims in Mumbai tention protesting on Assam Communal riot

Watch the Video of the tention in Mumbai on 11 Aug 2012 Riot


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