Friday, September 14, 2012

Innocence of Muslims Islam Movie Film Scene Video Download

Latest News: Prophet Mohammed Cartoon Published in French Magazine

The English Film Innocence of Film has taken controversy in most of the Muslim nations. Muslims are protesting and demonstrating outside the US embassy. Recently, Muslim people were protesting in Cairo and they had class with Cairo people. More than 200 people wee injured in the Egypt protest clash but luckily no one killed. The protest came when a 14 minute trailer posted in Youtube channel for the movie Innocence of Muslims. In this film, Muslim and Islam God Prophet Mohammed and his followers were shown in a negative light. Protests were also seen in the Muslim dominant countries like Pakistan, Egypt, Iraq, Doha, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Libya, Arab countries, India, Yemen, Sudan, Lebanon, Middle East, Afghanistan, Iraq, Khartoum and other Muslim nations. Yemen US Embassy stormed by protesters. Fresh Violence has also been seen in Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir capital Srinagar. Kashmiri Police tried their best to handle the situation. Thousand of people also protested in Afghanistan city of Kabul. They set off hundred of tires in the street of Kabul.

Muslim and Islam people belives that this movie Innocence of Islam istrying to insult and defame Islam religion and muslim people all over the world. They demanded that this movie Innocence of Islam should be stopped and banned sap. Anti-American and Anti-Christian protests were seen during the protests.

The casts and the crew members of the movoie Innocence of Islam said that they had no intention to insult Muslims or Muhammad - said by Gawker to CNN News channel. He said that the movie was earlied called Desert Warriors. Later the movie was dubbed into Arabic language. The controversy film Innocence Muslims were made by Sam Bacile. Director Film maker Sam Bacile is Israel real estate development staying in US California state. Bacile is 52 year old. In this movie Muslim Islam God Prophet Mohammed | Muhammad | Muhammed was shown as homosexual son. Prophet Mohammed is also shown that he encouraged to destroy Christian religion. You can also find this Controversial Anti-muslim and Islaam feature Film Innocent of Muslims latest breaking news in Hindi, Urdu, French and Arabic language. دانلود 

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